How much does an AboutUsVideo cost?

You’re NOT spending money on this but INVESTING dollars that will reap benefits for years to come. Your image is your brand and the web is now the number one marketing tool for all businesses. You need to showcase your business professionally and AUV can use our years of experience to help you do that.

A typical AboutUsVideo ranges between $2500-$5000 and is yours to use forever and wherever. Price can be affected by amount of shooting locations, time and revisions. Other cost factors include professional on-camera talent, custom music and more advanced graphics. The more prepared you are, the smoother and quicker the production will go.

Things to think about prior to shooting an AboutUsVideo

  • Gather your company logo(s) in high quality digital files (eps, tiff, Adobe Illustrator)
  • Gather any photo stills or graphical elements you would like to incorporate into a production
  • Ask employees and/or customers if they would be willing to participate in the production
  • Think about your "elevator pitch" and what you would like the world to know about you, your business, and its services