What is an AboutUsVideo?

Almost every website has an “About Us” button. It’s where a business tells the web visitor about their company, product, service or story. Typically it’s bullet point text or several paragraphs describing the company’s key selling points. A 1-2 minute AboutUsVideo is much more compelling and dynamic and utilizes the web’s full potential by taking advantage of streaming video technology.

Who Needs an AboutUsVideo?

Any company with a website can benefit from an AboutUsVideo. If you sell products, offer services, educate, entertain or have a message about you or your company, video is the perfect way to “get the word out” in a clear, effective manner. It can be as simple as a talking head or professionally voiced, hosted by an on- camera spokesperson or even testimonials from employees or customers.

What makes us qualified?

AboutUsVideos is a subsidiary of Digital Video & Consulting, Inc., an Emmy-Award Winning Video and Advertising company based in the Boston, MA area. We’ve produced thousands of broadcast, corporate and web videos for a variety of businesses since 1986. We’re not a guy with a consumer video camera and a computer! We produce all projects in the highest possible quality as if they were going to run on a National Broadcast Network. We tell your story in a compelling and engaging manner helping your potential customers emotionally connect you. Everything is shot in High Definition using the latest digital video technology. Custom graphics and animation plus digital audio recording are all part of the process. We believe the web is your window to the world and professional quality is a must to protect your image and valuable brand.AboutUsVideos are perfect for use on Social Media

How do I get an AboutUsVideo on a website?

There have never been more venues to showcase your “AboutUsVideo”. The world’s largest video hosting service is YouTube and it’s FREE! Plus YouTube allows you to stream your professionally produced video in High Definition. Facebook is another avenue to showcase your video or you can embed the video on your own website. Your AboutUsVideo will be delivered to you in both Mac-friendly Quicktime as well as Windows-friendly files so your webmaster can choose the best hosting method for you.